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Carol Brown was born on May 7, in Cleveland, Mississippi, the seventh of thirteen children born to Ennis and Minnest Brown.  My father was a share cropper and my mother a stay at home mom with thirteen children, making life extremely hard at times. I accepted Christ at the age of 9 at Second Concord Baptist Church under the leadership of the Late Rev. M.C. Cox, who was also my Grandfather.

I grew up very close to my grandfather and as far back as I can remember was always doing something in the church. Even then, I also picked up the strong belief that God had so much more for me than what I was familiar with and I longed to find it. My Father died when I was 6 yrs. old and my 40 yr. old mother soon began to teach school after staying home for years. It was at this point that life became even harder, so my relationship with my grandfather grew even more. In this period, my grandfather spoke things over my life that I wouldn’t understand until years later. I attended South Panola High School and afterwards went to Draughon’s College, Northwest College and Mary Holmes College majoring in elementary education and nursing. After teaching school for over eleven years; God led me to leave my comfort zone and to relocate to San Antonio, TX.



In San Antonio, I joined the Resurrection Baptist Church under the leadership of Ray D. Brown, Sr. where I was a member of both the choir and the ensemble. After 3 years I moved to Atlanta, GA and united with The Destiny Metropolitan Church under the leadership of Dr. Bryan E. Crute. Little did I know that my personal destiny would later lead me back once again to San Antonio, TX.


 In 2005, I united with the Joshua House of Worship under the leadership of Pastor Melford S. Keyes. During an intense focus within a “Forty Days of Purpose” campaign, I submitted to my destiny and call to preach the gospel. I know in my heart that I first received this call at the age of six but it wasn’t realized until thirty eight years later.  I preached my initial sermon in May of 2006. Since stepping out in faith, God has shown me favor time and time again; much more than I could ever deserve. My desire is to worship and serve Him to the best of my ability.  In February of 2008  I was officially ordained into the gospel ministry at the Joshua House of Worship. Serving God in ministry allows me to give back; it has always been my personal desire to help save someone else. I have survived failed marriages and abuse of every kind from physical, mental, emotional to verbal. I can’t count the times I’ve been beaten; losing everything from self-esteem, teeth, hope, sanity and almost my life. I thank God for the day when I decided “NO MORE.” I finally realized God had equipped me with everything I needed to get out. And I want to help equip many others in similar situations to do the same. I want to show other women with similar stories that there is life after abuse, violence and every other lie that the enemy would have them to believe about themselves.


 Today I am busily committed to serving God and telling my story. I currently serve as the Minister of Pastoral Support, and a Member of the Executive Leadership Team at My Church. I also love serving as the director for the Joshua Generation Youth Choir, a member of the Praise and Worship Team and The Joshua Voices of Worship Choir.  I am a Theology Major at The Baptist University of The Americas where I was honored and chosen as a Maston Scholar representing My School in Abilene, TX, also the Ethics star student. I  was also honored as  the Keynote speaker at Anchored Love’s Annual Conference.  I am the mother of three daughters, one son and three grandchildren.. I’ve had both a daughter and a son who preceded me in death.  



TO EMPOWER, EQUIP, AND ENCOURAGE all women, who have ever been the victim of violence, low self-esteem and abuse whether at the hands of someone else or self-inflicted. My goal is to challenge you to compare what the world has said to what God says, what you have been told by others, and by yourself to what the word of  God says about you,


 Is to expose the lie and reveal the truth on why so many women stay in abusive relationships. I want you to Get INFORMED AND BE INFORMED THERE IS LIFE AFTER ABUSE when we make the right choices.  I want to challenge you for all the times fear has held you down and your past has held you captive, today we stand on that same fear and say no more....Let me insure you that  IF CAROL CAN, SO CAN YOU




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