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Nikki Johnson

     Nikki Johnson is a 38-year-old native Texan and single mother of two. Known for her motivational speaking and empowerment coaching, Nikki is currently writing her first, highly anticipated book.

     As a radio personality and host of “Let It Shine With Nikki Johnson”, she uses her media platform as an opportunity to inspire and motivate her listeners to live the purposeful life that they were created to live. Nikki enjoys sharing her message of hope and perseverance with people who may be experiencing hard times or learning to overcome life’s adversities.She mentors in schools, and travels speaking to women’s groups, churches, and in prisons sharing her testimony of survival from molestation, rape, abuse, divorce, and health challenges.Nikki Johnson wants to empower others with the same life altering tools that God gave her to overcome her obstacles, so they too can have the VICTORY!

      It’s Time To Turn On Your Light &

Let It Shine With Nikki Johnson!

     Let It Shine With Nikki Johnson is a radio-talk show that aims to inspire and empower the lives of others. Every broadcast is done with this goal in mind: to motivate my listeners to live the purposeful life that they were created to live, free from the bondage of their past and everything that weighs them down.

     Let It Shine With Nikki Johnson wants to also shine the light on dynamic people doing extraordinary things. I delight in bringing exposure to individuals that are using their lives, platforms, or ministries to better the lives of others.

     Whether you’re a musician, an author, motivational speaker, a pastor, community/national organization, neighborhood activist, or head of a successful after school program –if you are making a difference in the world, then I want to talk to you!
Let It Shine With Nikki Johnson is shining the light on your greatness!

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